28 July 2021

Booking a COVID-19 Vaccination

Our immunity against COVID-19 is incredibly important and getting vaccinated is the best way to protect you, your whānau and your community. The vaccine is free and there’s enough vaccine for everyone. To make the vaccination process flow smoothly, we’re rolling out in age bands.

When can I book my vaccination?

Everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand will be able to get the vaccine. With such a large group of people, to make the process flow smoothly, we’re breaking it down into age bands. We’re starting with the oldest and working our way down to the youngest. Remember, once you’re eligible to be vaccinated, you can book at any time. There’s no cut off and there’s enough vaccine for everyone.

When it’s time to get vaccinated

Step 1: Receiving an invitation

When you’re eligible, you’ll receive a letter from Book My Vaccine inviting you to book at BookMyVaccine.nz. We’ll follow up with an email and text.

Step 2: Make your booking

Once you’re received your invitation or when your age band is open, go to BookMyVaccine.nz to book your appointments.  If you’re unable to book online, you can ring the COVID Vaccination Healthline on 0800 28 29 26 (8am to 8pm, 7 days) and we’ll make the booking for you and answer any questions. Interpreters are available if you need them.

You can expect to wait for around six to eight weeks from the time you make your booking until your first vaccination. Depending on where and when you’d like to be vaccinated you might find an appointment earlier. 

You'll need to leave at least 21 days between your first and second dose.

Step 3: Get your vaccination

We’ll send you a reminder the day before each appointment. It’s very important to get two doses of the vaccine – this will give you the best protection.

Be ready and have your NHI number on hand when you book

When you book, it’s a good idea to have your NHI (National Health Index) number handy. You don’t need it to book but it will make the process quicker for you. You’ll find your NHI number on a prescription or prescription receipt, x-ray or test result, or a letter from the hospital.

Other ways to get vaccinated

There are other ways for people to be vaccinated, including workplace vaccinations and other vaccination events around the country. In many remote rural communities, we will vaccinate all age groups at the same time.

Many GPs are also providing COVID-19 vaccinations and are taking bookings directly. To find out if your GP is offering this service visit healthpoint.co.nz/covid-19-vaccination 


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