Canterbury COVID-19 Vaccination Programme – Community engagement grant application

The Canterbury COVID-19 Vaccination Immunisation Programme needs your help to reach unvaccinated people through targeted outreach events.

Funding grants are available from $2000 to $5000 for community-led activities that support the aims of the COVID-19 vaccination programme. We will accept grant applications until the 12th of December 2021. 

Funding may be used for:


  1. Education sessions or meetings that connect people to COVID-19 vaccine information in an accessible way.
  2. Distributing and endorsing Canterbury DHB and Ministry of Health COVID-19 vaccine information.
  3. Encouraging and supporting unvaccinated people to get vaccinated at existing clinics.

Vaccination events:

  1. Hosting a tailored vaccination event (with our COVID-19 Vaccination Programme vaccinators).
  2. Meeting and greeting people at a vaccination event.
  3. Hosting a combined education / vaccination event.
  4. Encouraging and supporting people to get to education and vaccination events.

Other projects: An idea an organisation/group may have, subject to the approval of our COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Controller and Project Managers.

Expected outcomes: 

  • Improve engagement with people from communities with low COVID-19 vaccination rates.
  • Increase understanding of and dispel myths about COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • Increase vaccination uptake in communities with low COVID-19 vaccination rates.
  • Positive feedback from communities.

Requirements relating to applications and grants

  • You can apply for more than one grant.
  • You cannot apply for an event or project that has already happened.
  • You can use the grant for cultural support workers, transport costs, koha (gifts), kai (food) or administration.
  • Applicants will need to disclose other agency funding that has been applied for or received, related to COVID-19 vaccinations or events.
  • The grants are not available for providing COVID-19 vaccination services. 
  • The grants are not available for other already available services such as counselling or general practice services.
  • The grants are not available for existing community services not related to the COVID-19 vaccination programme.
  • Recipients of grants must comply with CDHB requirements and all required approvals for communications, media and elected representative engagement.
  • Promotional material can be provided including flyers in multiple languages, banners and posters.
  • Reporting is required to reconcile a grant.
  • Events must be organised in partnership with our COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Project Managers and programme office.
  • Events can only be in the Canterbury DHB district.
  • Grant recipients and amount funded will be publicly available information.

The decision to approve or decline an application is at Canterbury District Health Boards discretion, and we reserve the right to decline any application without the need to provide a reason/s.

Successful Grants

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