7 May 2021

Canterbury COVID-19 vaccination rollout makes its way to Aged Residential Care facilities

Canterbury’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout is progressing, with residents in community-based care, including Aged Residential Care (ARC), beginning to receive vaccinations this week. This marks the start of vaccinations for Cantabrians that live in community-based environments where there's a higher risk of COVID-19 spreading, who form part of ‘Group 2’.

One of the first ARC facilities to have some of its residents vaccinated this week was Rosewood Rest Home and Hospital, with a team of Canterbury vaccinators vaccinating around 90 residents and staff at the rest home today.

Executive lead for the DHB’s COVID-19 response, Ralph La Salle says its pleasing to have reached what is another significant milestone in the vaccination rollout.

“As we continue to progress our rollout ahead of plan, we are delighted to have started this important phase which will see some of our most vulnerable people protected against COVID-19,” says Ralph.

It is expected that approximately 5,300 ARC residents will be vaccinated in Canterbury.

Rosewood Manager Di Topschij says it was quite special to see their residents being vaccinated today, which is another symbol of progress in the country’s ongoing response to COVID-19.

“The virus had such an impact on our little community here last year. Having had COVID-19 cases amongst some of our residents, these vaccinations mean a lot to the team here when we reflect on the personal toll of losing some of our beloved community to the virus last year.

“The fact our residents are in the first stages of receiving the additional layer of protection that a COVID-19 vaccination provides – that’s just awesome,” says Di.

The DHB continues to make plans for when we will be rolling out vaccinations to the wider community during the second half of this year, when we’re planning to deliver around 30,000 vaccinations a week.

More information on timing for vaccinations in Canterbury can be found on www.vaccinatecanterburywestcoast.nz. Check out the ‘When will I be vaccinated?’ guide.



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