Christchurch Arena Drive Through Vaccination Clinic

Table of Contents

Bookings and location

Bookings aren’t needed for the drive through – drop ins are most welcome – but if you wish to secure a time and ensure a quick run through please book via phone or online.

Phone bookings: 0800 28 29 26
Online bookings: 

Drive Through Open Hours

The Drive-Through will be open until 23 December:

  • Weekdays: 1.30pm – 7.30pm
  • Weekends: 11am – 5pm

How will it work?

Please wear a mask or face covering. If you can't wear one, please bring your exemption card to show the vaccination staff. 

Drive into the Christchurch Arena car park, in your vehicle, from the Wrights Road entrance. For your and our safety, walk-ins are not permitted. People being vaccinated must be seated next to a window and their full arm/shoulder must be accessible through the window.

You will not be able to leave your vehicle to be vaccinated.

You’ll be asked to queue before you get vaccinated and you’ll need to wait for fifteen minutes following your vaccination. Please allow at least 1 hour for the entire process. Bring a book, your knitting and/or your phone charger.


This clinic is not suitable for anyone who has had a previous adverse reaction to any vaccination. If you’ve had a severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis to any immunisation, please cancel and rebook your appointment at one of our existing clinics.

Please have your National Health Index (NHI) number with you if you can. You don’t need it to book but it will make the process quicker for you. You’ll find your NHI number on a prescription or prescription receipt, x-ray or test result, or a letter from the hospital. Add it to the COVID tracer app before you come.

Who can be vaccinated

Can you answer yes to any of these questions?

  • Do you have symptoms of COVID-19?  The symptoms of COVID-19 are like common illnesses such as a cold or influenza. You may have one or more of the following:
    • fever (at least 38˚C)
    • new or worsening cough
    • sore throat
    • shortness of breath
    • sneezing and runny nose
    • temporary loss of smell or altered sense of taste
  • Have you been to any Contact Tracing locations of interest during the relevant time within the last 14 days?
  • Have you been instructed to stay at home or to self-isolate?
  • Are you currently waiting on a COVID-19 test result?
  • Do you have any underlying health conditions that may require a more detailed conversation prior to consent?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you cannot be vaccinated at this time. Please go to or call 0800 28 29 26 to rebook your vaccination at a later date.

Christchurch Arena Drive Through Vaccination Clinic is no longer open, please see our clinics page for other vaccination clinic options.