26 April 2021

It’s going to take a health system to vaccinate a community

A COVID-19 vaccination rollout update from Canterbury DHB Chief Executive Peter Bramley

I’m pleased to report that we are on track with our COVID-19 vaccination plans. This has only happened due to the extraordinary efforts of a growing number of people from throughout our health system who really have gone the extra mile to ensure maximum vaccinations given and minimum wastage.

A shout out to everyone who helped ensure all vaccines were used last Friday before the long weekend. A huge thanks to everyone involved, including those in the phone office booking people in 24/7, the administrators checking and recording details in the COVID-19 Immunisation Register, the vaccinators, the pharmacy and occupational health team, supply department, data entry team or in the Emergency Coordination Centre.

Nurses at a vaccination clinic at Christchurch Hospital

Nurses at a vaccination clinic at Christchurch Hospital.

Everyone’s role is important. Primary care has a significant role to play, identifying people with underlying health conditions, and as the rollout ramps up, as vaccinators. There are so many teams working behind the scenes, at pace, to ensure we continue to increase capacity over the coming weeks and months ahead of the public vaccinations in the second half of the year. A big thank you for all that you’re doing.

We are still offering vaccinations to household contacts of border workers (Group 1) and all healthcare staff in Group 2. This includes health providers in the community as well as DHB staff.

Next week we start our first vaccinations in Aged Residential Care, while planning continues for the rollout to Group 3.

More information on timing for vaccinations in Canterbury can be found on www.vaccinatecanterburywestcoast.nz. Check out the ‘When will I be vaccinated?’ guide.

If you’re a health provider and you haven’t been invited to get vaccinated, please ask your staff to book in by calling 0800 CANVAX (0800 226 829) – calls are answered 24/7. Staff will need to provide photo ID. If there are any issues booking in they contact the team at canvax@cdhb.health.nz.


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