1 April 2021

We continue to progress the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in our region.

Attributed to Ralph La Salle, Executive Lead for Canterbury DHB’s COVID-19 response:

About 20 percent of New Zealand’s approximately 12,000 border and Managed Isolation & Quarantine (MIQ) workers are based in Canterbury and we have now commenced second dose vaccinations of this group. We have also begun first vaccinations for their household members/whānau – this is Group 1 of the national sequencing framework and the highest priority group for protection.

It is important to note that only Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury have significant numbers in Group 1 – other DHBs who don’t have border personnel have been able to start their Group 2 vaccinations earlier. They may therefore, be more advanced in the vaccination sequencing process than Canterbury is currently.

The Group priorities are explained here: Find out when you can get a vaccine

All frontline (i.e. non-border) healthcare workers will be offered vaccinations as part of Tier 2A or Tier 2B. This includes doctors, nurses, allied health staff, orderlies, cleaners, reception staff – everyone who interacts directly with patients.

Vaccinations for frontline healthcare workers who are employed by Canterbury DHB are due to start shortly, with those who have direct contact with patients who have not been screened being among the first to be vaccinated (e.g. ED).

We expect all frontline healthcare workers to have had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine before the end of June.

While other frontline staff at greater risk of getting COVID-19 will be offered the vaccine when we start Group 2 in mid-April, many DHB staff do not fit into this category and can expect to be vaccinated when Group 3 and Group 4 are rolled out later in the year.

In the meantime, New Zealand border control measures being implemented by the excellent border and MIQ team who continue to do an effective job of stopping COVID-19 at the border, which is why we do not have any community transmission at this time. Plenty of vaccine has been ordered, so no-one will miss out.


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