2 November 2021

Working together to overcome accessibility challenges to getting vaccinated

“Working together in partnership with trusted and familiar people was the key to supporting people with disability get their vaccinations,” says Canterbury DHB Disability Vaccination Lead, Allison Nichols-Dunsmuir.

“The team at SkillWise did an amazing job at working with the people they support and their families in getting their first dose.”

Kitty Shiner, Quality and Systems Administrator at Skillwise says, “For some of the people we support, routine and familiarity are paramount and so having a safe,
familiar place to receive the vaccine was welcomed.”

“We worked with the community to understand the level of interest in being vaccinated in a familiar environment. We also provided information about what the
community could expect – that they would have the support of SkillWise staff and their family members.”

“These messages were followed up by our Community Facilitators, which was particularly beneficial for those without email access and/or harder to reach individuals.”


The feedback on the first dose vaccination event was very positive with 24 people getting vaccinated. Sending out informed consent forms and easy-read
information prior to the day also helped with a smooth administration process and reassured the people being vaccinated.

Craig is looking forward to return to receive his second dose. He says, “The vaccination was a quick procedure and it is best for everyone to get it done.
It was easier to have the vaccine at SkillWise because I didn’t have to go anywhere else and I’m familiar with coming here. The event was well organised
and nothing needs to change for next time when I come for the second dose.”


The team is gearing up again in preparation for second dose vaccinations at SkillWise on 8 November where they are expecting 26 people to get vaccinated.

Craig is all good after getting his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.


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